Build an ADU and convert your garage into a bedroom in Las Vegas

It can be costly to purchase a new house or build an addition in Las Vegas due to the increasing value of the real estate market.   There is, however, a solution called an ADU.

Accessory dwelling units are essentially garages converted into additional residences on residential properties. Thus, instead of housing a car, the garage becomes a home office, bungalow, mini-apartment, toolshed, or another mini-dwelling.  Many homeowners are now turning their garages into bedrooms to add much-needed living space to their homes.

Neither a minimum lot size nor a maximum lot size is required.  You only need to draft the plans and obtain a permit from the Clark County Permit Center to start building your ADU.

Number of ADUs allowed.

The majority of single-family homes can accommodate one or two ADUs. On multi-family properties, the number of ADUs allowed depends on the type and number of existing units.

In Las Vegas, we get inquiries daily about converting garages into bedrooms. Here are some points to consider.

Turning a garage in Las Vegas into a bedroom: Ideas & Strategies

In order to maximize your existing square footage, you have two main options: turning your garage into a guest quarter or converting it into an ADU.

It is necessary to build a bedroom and a bathroom, including a toilet, sink, and shower, in order to build a guest quarter.   As opposed to this, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is considerably more complex and consists of a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. In most cases, an ADU is rented out as an apartment with a separate entrance.

Regardless of your garage conversion plans, it is important to ensure they conform to the city’s regulations.  Engage a local general contractor with expertise in garage conversions when planning and designing a garage bedroom.

Considerations for garage conversions by contractors/designers

Ceiling height

You should aim for a minimum ceiling height of seven and a half feet. However, for many garage conversions, this can be a challenge due to the need to raise the floor to the level of the home.

Storage and parking

By converting a garage into a bedroom, you’ll lose parking and storage. Depending on your town, conversion of your garage to a guesthouse may require replacement covered parking. Consider building a carport if you live in a community or dislike having your car exposed to the weather. Adding closets to your garage conversion may provide you with additional storage. If you plan to rent an ADU long term, you should have a separate storage shed or off-site storage.

Lighting and outlets

One light fixture is usually found in most garages. It is likely that you will need to increase the number of ceiling light fixtures and outlets for lamps and other electrical devices in your living area to make it comfortable for guests or tenants.

Natural light and ventilation

Natural lighting and ventilation are often lacking in garages. Garage conversion requires these components.  Building codes usually stipulate the minimum amount of wall space required for garage windows.

Wall Insulation

In order to create a comfortable garage bedroom, the walls must be insulated. In addition, drywall will need to be installed to complete the look. Additionally, you will need to decide if a new wall will replace the garage door. If not, it may be prudent to insulate the door as well.

Cooling and heating

It is important to maintain a comfortable temperature in garage bedrooms. Your central heating ducting may need to be expanded. Adding electric baseboards or wall heaters is also an option.

Installed utilities

Home builders regularly install furnaces and water heaters. When designing a guest room or tenant area try to keep these items out of sight. In order to keep them hidden, you can erect walls that are not load-bearing.

What are the benefits of converting a garage into a living space or bedroom?

As real estate prices increase in areas such as Las Vegas, converting a garage can maximize existing square footage.

In the event that a full guest quarter is built, you can accommodate adults returning from college or aging parents, along with live-in nannies and housekeepers.

ADUs can also be rented out as apartments to generate additional revenue.

What is the cost of converting a garage into a bedroom in Las Vegas?

Several factors influence the cost of garage conversions, including the size of the converted space, the scope of the project, and the materials used.

Generally, converting a garage into an accessory dwelling unit will cost $80,000 to $120,000, including materials, labor, and contractor fees. It would be less expensive to build a guest bedroom that lacks a kitchen and separate entrance.

As a result, converting a garage into a living space can save you a significant amount of money. Your garage contractor can help you clarify your alternatives and develop a plan that fits your needs.

If I want to convert my garage into a bedroom in Las Vegas, what do I need to do?

A garage conversion project begins with drafting drawings by an architect/designer. Creating a bedroom out of your garage in Las Vegas will require a bit of patience.

If your garage bedroom already has external load-bearing walls, consult structural engineers to determine whether extra safety elements are needed. In addition to local building, fire, and zoning regulations, the architect will take into account the building codes.

Architects submit blueprints for building department review once you approve. There can be delays of two weeks to many months depending on the number of projects awaiting permission.

While this is being done it might be wise to locate a qualified and trusted contarctor. we recommend you obtain a minimum of three bids for your project. Make sure to compare both the bottom line and scope of work in each bid.

A general contractor’s crew can begin construction two to three months after the building department approves your drawings.

Finding the right general contractor for your garage bedroom conversion

When it comes to hiring a contractor to convert a garage into a bedroom in Las Vegas, there are several ways to do so. Whenever possible, hire someone you know and trust. An acquaintance or neighbor who recently completed a similar job may be a good place to start.

Finding an honest, reliable, ethical, and available contractor within your budget can be challenging if you don’t have references like these! There is no need to look elsewhere when you have We build it on your side.

Our team of professionals will handle your project professionally, which is a big relief when you work with us.

Who do I contact to convert my garage into an ADU in Las Vegas?

Get a free quote on your next ADU renovation project by calling (702.720.8888) or visiting With our team’s expertise and experience, you can rest assured that your renovation project is in good hands. We guarantee quality results and exceptional customer service. Contact us today and make your project a reality.