Choosing the Right General Contractor for your Project

First, you’ll probably need a General contractor if you’re remodeling or building your home.

In addition, your project must be handled professionally and securely by a licensed general contractor.   It is a fact that the risk of working with an unlicensed contractor is high. He/she may fail to fulfill the contract, do substandard work, or even have a criminal history.   unregulated contractors like this should be avoided at all costs.

Moreover, an unlicensed contractor may not cover any damages incurred during a remodeling undertaking. This may cause your project to be delayed.

In addition, your insurance probably won’t cover any damage or injury caused by an unlicensed contractor. Because we know the importance of your remodeling project, we’ve compiled the essential steps to protect you.

Now what?  Where do you start looking for a general contractor for your project? What makes a general contractors qualified? These tips will help you choose the right contractor for your remodeling project.

License verification.

First, check if the contractor has a current license. Find out if their company has any construction or safety citations.

Secondly, investigate their licenses with the Nevada state contractors board to ensure they are current.

Finally, make sure the contractor’s business name matches the information provided (contracts, website, business cards).

WE BUILT IT is one of many licensed contractors who are honest, dependable, responsible, diligent, and competent. Transparency is also part of our build it philosophy and we will never give you contradictory information.

WE BUILT IT General Contractor license Nevada state contractors board

WE BUILT IT General Contractor license Nevada state contractors board

Next, you should:

Confirm the contractor’s telephone number and location

Contractors should have a valid contact information and a business location. Ask yourself, is your contractor reachable via the telephone, email, or SMS?

Trustworthy licensed general contractors have a working phone number and email address. You should be wary of contractors who lack either of these details.

Thirdly, you should:

Take a look at the reviews

Keep in mind that nothing beats a personal recommendation from someone you respect and believe.

See what others have to say

Take a look at reviews on Google, Houzz, and Yelp. To determine a contractor’s expertise and trustworthiness, read the negative reviews as well as the 5-star ones.

 Check out their photo gallery of prior projects

It’s obviously a good idea to look at their past work. Are they a good fit?

Evidence of prior construction and remodeling projects will show the quality of work a general contractor has done in the past.

As soon as the initial check was done inquire about:

Permits and Inspections: Ask about their experience

Your licensed general contractor will pull the permits and inspections you need.  Their expertise allows them to handle details more effectively.

Ask all the necessary questions.

Keep in mind that this is your home and renovations are a major investment. Feel free to ask anything you want. Find out how they communicate during the remodeling process. What is their plan for keeping you informed? Ask:

  1. Are they in business for a long time?
  2. Does their office have a physical address?
  3. Does their insurance cover them?
  4. Does the company use subcontractors or their own staff?
  5. Do they have any relevant certifications?

Get started now!

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