Residential General Contractors Near Me

You are likely to search for “residential general contractors near me” when planning your next home remodeling project. The next question is when to begin your project after you’ve found the best residential contractor.

In the midst of a house remodel, you might also wonder whether to stay in your home or move. It is essential to prepare in advance in order to avoid disruptions and mess during construction work.

In addition, besides speeding up the process, moving also puts a significant strain on your finances. However, staying around might not be a wise idea either. So how should you decide whether to move or stay? Here are some essential suggestions to help you decide.

Make an assessment of the scope of your home renovation project

You should assess the extent of the remodel before deciding whether to stay or move.

If you are remodeling a room that you use quite often, your contractor will guide you in determining which areas you can access during renovations.

In the case of long-term renovations, it’s pretty obvious that you might need to relocate.  Staying around during renovations can be inconvenient for your daily life, or even interfere with the remodeling process. In essence, moving can reduce inconveniences and speed up work for your contractor.

Consider Your Property’s Layout

Of course, It is also important to consider the layout of your home when making a decision to leave or stay. It will be more difficult to navigate your home if there is only one entry point. As a result, the renovation team will use the same entrance, which may lead to contamination in your home. Your contractor can, however, set up measures to prevent dust and other toxins from getting into your home.

If you own a multi-story home, we can separate the renovation area from the rest of the living space.

There are reputable “residential general contractors near me” that can help you protect your home from contamination and destruction during remodeling work.

Length/Duration of Project

You might decide whether to stay or temporarily leave based on how long it will take you to complete the remodeling project. Consider whether a remodeling project will affect your ability to work and how much will it restrict your evening or daytime activities. However, even if you opt to stay, some parts in  the remodel phase will require you to leave the house for a few days.

We Build It generally recommends that owners move out during renovations if there is no isolated area in your home.

Safety and Health Issues

When a remodeling project is underway, it’s dusty, dirty, and noisy. All the hammering, drilling, trash materials and dust everywhere make for an unhealthy living environment.

Remodeling can cause severe health hazards, from dust, lead paint, and asbestos exposure, to tripping over debris and unnecessarily exposing yourself to the elements. In this case, it is absolutely worth considering moving out and living in temporary housing while remodeling work is being carried out.

If you are working on a big project and are concerned about indoor air quality and other issues that may arise during construction, staying somewhere else might be a more comfortable option. You can, however, take some basic steps to reduce safety concerns while living there:

  1. Zones free from construction should be sealed off
  2. Make sure the HVAC system is turned off
  3. Wear shoes at all times
  4. Make sure fragile furniture is removed
  5. Keep kids and pets away from construction sites

Assess your budget and see if it can be stretched

Furthermore, during a home renovation, moving out can be expensive. Our recommendation is to calculate the approximate housing costs for the duration of the project, and ask your contractor whether he or she can be more efficient without your involvement at home.

Analyzing your budget is essential to deciding whether you’ll stay or move. Don’t forget to budget for any additional costs associated with short-term accommodations.

We’re ready to get started on your project

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