Whole House Remodeling in Summerlin NV

A whole house remodel is a great way to update the look and feel of your home without tearing it down. A whole home remodel, unlike a single room remodel or partial remodel, allows you to change your home’s entire style, since existing architecture is not required.

Complete home renovations are ideal for Las Vegas residents who love their neighborhood but no longer fit their needs. With our home remodeling services in Summerlin, Nevada, We Build It can transform your surroundings.

If you’re planning to remodel and update the whole interior of your house or start from scratch with a whole house remodeling in Summerlin, We Build It can assist you with all phases of the process.

Custom Home Builder Summerlin New Construction

Suppose you have an idea in your mind about how you want your home to look like and you need to find a custom home builder in Summerlin.  Certainly, you should reach out to us if this is the case, as we are experts in this area.

In fact, our custom home builder Summerlin New Construction service includes building ranch style, Italian Villas, Southwestern, contemporary, modern, and Mediterranean homes for our potential clients.  All in all, turn your vision into a reality with us!

Luxury Home Builder in Summerlin , NV

Of course, we understand you would like a home filled with luxury.  Hence, based on our clients’ expectations and lifestyles in the past, we have built various luxury homes for them, and we would like to do the same for you.

As a Luxury Home Builder in Summerlin, Building custom homes that feature enhanced security and privacy, as well as smart features, is what we do.

In other words, with your input, we will make your ideas a reality.

Henderson NV Whole House Remodeling

Casitas & Guest House Additions

Furthermore, adding Casitas & Guest Houses to Summerlin properties has built us a huge reputation. In fact, among our portfolio are some of the most beautiful projects you will ever see in Henderson, NV.

By the same token, we construct many types of building additions, such as a guest house, a casita, a suite, a flat, a studio, a workshop, and an outbuilding. Are you in need of any of these additions in your home? If so, contact us today!

Room Additions in Summerlin, NV

Similarly, are you planning to add a new room in your house after welcoming a new family member? Would you like to add more rooms to your commercial property to make it more profitable? You may want to add a new room to your house to increase its value, right?

Of course, as an experienced room additions contractor in Summerlin, we will help you with all your needs related to adding new rooms to your residential or commercial property. Please contact us for details.

Summerlin Kitchen Remodeling

In addition, as a result of what we built and provided to our past clients in terms of kitchen remodeling, we have therefore earned tremendous respect in the Summerlin community. Uniquely, our kitchen remodeling services have helped hundreds of clients create kitchens that they love to spend time in.

In the same fashion, our kitchen remodeling services include stylish sinks, traditional & trendy cabinets, splendid countertops, exceptional flooring, kitchen island installation, and many more.   Of course, we will renovate your kitchen the way you want it and we will do it for you.

Summerlin Bathroom Remodeling

Looking for a contractor to remodel your Summerlin bathroom? If so, we can provide you with a dream bathroom remodel within your budget.

Our Bathroom Remodeling service in Summerlin includes new tile flooring, trendy cabinet designing and installation, sliding door installation, shower doors, claw-footed tub, updated sinks, and many more.   Therefore, contact us today to discuss your goals.

Commercial Tenant Improvements in Summerlin, NV

Finally, we also provide excellent commercial tenant improvements to our potential clients in Summerlin to help them run their businesses in a most extraordinary and modern environment. Among other things, we also specialize in completing tenant improvements in restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, medical offices, other businesses, as well as, salons.

Service Areas in Summerlin NV